Should I Backwash My Cartridge Pool Filter?

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How to Backwash a Cartridge Filter?

Cartridge filters do an excellent job of maintaining clean pool water. However, they will continue to keep the water clean only if the cartridge itself is well-maintained. When it comes to taking c... Read More »

Why should I backwash my pool filter?

When maintaining a pool you will need to clean the pool filter as part of your maintenance process. The process of cleaning your pool filter is often called backwashing.PurposeWhen dirt and debris ... Read More »

How to Vacuum and Backwash Your Pool Filter?

This article attempts to explain the steps required to vacuum out a pool. There are different kinds of filtration systems for pools, such as cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous earth ... Read More »

The Cartridge Filter Size to Use for a 12,000-Gallon Aboveground Pool?

A cartridge filter is just one of a few choices pool owners have when selecting a pool filtration system. Cartridge filters are manufactured in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of swimming... Read More »