Should Down syndrome people be educated?

Answer Down syndrome is something you are born with and die with; it is not a condition that someone can "outgrow."

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How many blind people have been educated compared to deaf people?

Its not unusual, However suggest you resist doing something about it.

Only the people who educated about urological illnesses?

Hello, The Urologist thinks you have bacterial prostatitis, that is why she has given you the Flucloxacillin (penicillin) antibiotic. The penicillin is to kill the bacteria.You are probably not old... Read More »

Why are people so stupid even well educated ones why can't they use their common senses on simple instructio?

Some people just don't think before they speak. Same concept as people not reading additional bits in questions to get the full details or people who don't read rules or instruction booklets before... Read More »

Why do people with down syndrome all look the same?

maybe this will help you answer your question....people with down syndrome have one thing in extra 21st chromosome. because of this they may have certain common characteristics...which... Read More »