Should Animal Testing Be Allowed?

Answer No one likes the idea of animals suffering, no one.But just think how many drugs/antibiotics your mother and father, yourself and any brothers or sisters have taken in their lifetime.EVERY SINGLE O... Read More »

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Why should we stop animal testing?

The reasoning behind the movement to stop animal testing goes far beyond ethical objections to the cruel and torturous techniques used in laboratories. The fact is, animal research has proven to be... Read More »

Why is animal testing bad?

The animal information and conservation group, Animal Port, reports that there are no laws requiring cosmetic and household products to be tested on animals. The group notes that scientists have av... Read More »

Animal Testing?

Legal issues. We live in a lawsuit-happy time period, and if some fat, middle aged lady slapped on some lotion and got a gross, bubbly rash, she'd probably lose a dress size running so fast for the... Read More »

Animal Testing.. For or Against?

I am definitely against animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries but I do see the point of SOME medical tests, although I'm reluctant to admit that to myself, as an animal lover, I feel like a t... Read More »