Should American hospitals offer female circumcision to the parents of newborns?

Answer Neither should be offered. Neither should be done to an individual without their informed adult consent.

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Why is female circumcision such an atrocity and male circumcision still ok Both are genital mutilation.?

Few people really realize how mutilating BOTH circumcision of male and female are.First of all, for those misinformed individuals, male circumcision is much more mutilating, as it removes half of t... Read More »

Should high school's offer a daycare for teen parents?

Well it's really a matter of opinion. Some high school staff members say yes, because they want teenage parents to know that they can still be in school and lead successful lives if they have had a... Read More »

Why do parents say that circumcision is not a big deal, yet refuse to watch it?

I think that if parents were forced to hold their son down while he was being circumcised, circumcisions would rarely happen.A parent might say, "Why would I hold my son down, that's terrible!!" If... Read More »

If both parents are the same age and the female is pregnant can her mother stop her from living with him and his parents?

well i am 16 and i had a baby when i was 14.i moved out of my parents house b4 my baby was born and it was the worst thing i have ever done. yes you can move out but i will tell you not to its gonn... Read More »