Should 13 year olds drink coffee?

Answer I'm thirteen and I drink coffee. Its not bad for teenagers to drink coffee- Just don't give them too much otherwise they will be seriously hyper!

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Can 18 year olds drink on a carnival cruise?

The age of purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages while on board all Carnival cruises is 21 years old. Staff will request photo identification if the guest's age is in question.References:... Read More »

Is it normal for 14 year olds to eat/drink children medicine?

It is not uncommon. I know I had difficulty swallowing pills when I was younger, so I'd have to take liquid or chewables. When I could finally swallow a pill, it had to be very small (Aleve was t... Read More »

I drank a coffee drink that expired in October last year?

It's done now!!!No you won't get sick. If it smelled alright and didn't taste funny you should be fine.

I usually just drink strong black coffee, what is your favourite kind of coffee, and why?

I like dark roast arabica beans. In the morning I have my coffee medium strong with about a desert spoonful of milk added but not stirred, that's just enough to take the edge off without losing th... Read More »