Should 11 year olds have a facebook?

Answer if all his mates r on it yeah let him go for it but u shud have the password as well and monitor him on it and he shudnt be allowed on it without asking u first each time, my bro is going on 14 and... Read More »

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Why do parents tell their 12 year olds that they can't have a Myspace/Facebook?

Cuz they think strangers and old people are gonna get our address... and rape us and stuff like that. and other things

Should 18 year olds have to pay for birthday dinners?

no waythey're turning 18!i mean, they shoulnd't invite the whole town but one or two friends should be fine.

Is facebook safe for 10 year olds?

lol @ all the people who are religious with believing everything the media says..Oh" I heard on the news there was pedophiles all over Myspace and Facebook blah blah blah" lolGet real people, soci... Read More »

Should a 11 year old be able to have a facebook?

it really depends how responsible you are.