Shoud I report someone for eating owl?

Answer Ashley! Are you back? Is it you?.

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Shoud i get a pc or a mac?

Get a pc. Macs are meant to be more of a fashion statement like the ipod. This is why many people don't take it seriously and trust Microsoft. I tried leapord and time machine is the same as Norton... Read More »

What shoud you do first brush or listerine?

I am new to Windows Servers, which course shoud I do?

This sort of depends on your motives for studying but the obvious choice would be "Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012" as this covers a lot of the basic admin type stuff that server adm... Read More »

My b/f has a 101.5 fever shoud i take him to the hospital?

give him tylenol most ERS wont do much if the temp is below 103 encourage fluids on him as well 101.5 is not all that high