Shoud I report someone for eating owl?

Answer Ashley! Are you back? Is it you?.

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Dating someone with an eating disorder?

Don't let the fact that they have an eating disorder turn you off. You just need to let them know that they are perfect just they way they are, they may tell you that they don't believe you or that... Read More »

How to Spot an Eating Disorder in Someone You Know?

Eating Disorders are characterized as an unhealthy obsession with food - whether it is an aversion or addiction. The following article will help you identify if someone you know has an eating disor... Read More »

How do I stop someone from eating raw bacon?

I completely understand your viewpoint and support your decision to not have meat cooked in your home. I'm not sure that people on here even bother to read the question... it's the boyfriend of you... Read More »

How do you report someone on wikia?

Place a message on the founder's talkpage. For extra effect sign it with "Lil cutie bunny".