Shortest recorded birth labor?

Answer 45 minutes.I've heard it was 23 minutes, but mom was in with my brother for 17 minutes!

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What is the longest recorded labor by a woman?

Well, labor usually lasts from about an hour to 48 hours. But sometimes the mother may get tired of it and have a cesarean section. After 48 hours normally doctors will deliver your baby through ce... Read More »

When a step parent adops child where will the birth certificate be recorded?

yes sorta put it this way i am married to a convicted felon. I live in California and have no record i gained custody of his niece at birth thru fostercare and has had her for almost 18mths. of cou... Read More »

How would you describe birth labor?

me personally i would describe contractions painful but birth i would describe that a good feeling. during my labor i would sleep through the contractions, its pretty hard to but i did it but i wou... Read More »

How does labor during birth feel?

It's very painful. Your vagina feels like its going to burst.