Short Trading Strategy?

Answer Short trading strategy, also called short-selling, is a trading strategy that involves betting against a rise in the price of an asset. A speculator sells a borrowed currency, hoping to buy it back... Read More »

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Pairs Trading Strategy?

Pairs trading involves the trading of a highly correlated pair of financial instruments that have diverged from their historical mean. The instrument lying below the correlation mean is purchased w... Read More »

Trading & Money Management Strategy?

Investors explore financial markets as a means to grow wealth above the rate of inflation. Effective money management strategy requires you to recognize the risk-reward trade-offs of competing asse... Read More »

Does day trading always involve selling short?

On One Hand: One Does Not Necessitate OtherDay trading is a strategy in which traders buy and sell stock within the same trading day, trying to make money by anticipating intra-day price changes. S... Read More »

Ladies, or guys I guess, do you wear a short jacket, so short that your kidneys freeze and fall off?

I had a tailor tell me that my suit jacket should just cover my buttock, except he spoke slowly and pronounced it as two words, like But Talk. I think he was trying to distract me, because he also... Read More »