Short Range Radio Transmitters That Do Not Require a License?

Answer There are many businesses, organizations and families that rely on short-range radio transmitters that do not require a license. Families can easily stay in-touch with each other while at an amusem... Read More »

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How do radio transmitters create radio waves?

The information encoded in a radio broadcast signal is contained in the signal's modulation, but before the signal can be modulated, the carrier radio wave has to be generated. In broadcast communi... Read More »

How do radio transmitters work?

Radio transmitters can convey music, pictures, conversations and other types of data invisibly in the atmosphere. Most technologies use radio waves to exchange data with each other.Sound Translatio... Read More »

Pirating Laws for Home FM Radio Transmitters?

Anyone who's fed up with the commercial radio stations in his market might dream of operating a pirate radio station. In most circumstances, firing up a pirate signal isn't just illegal, it risks h... Read More »

Do Walkie Talkies Require a License?

There are two types of walkie-talkie services: family radio service (FRS) and general mobile radio service (GMRS). FRS is a series of channels for recreational use and does not require a license fr... Read More »