Short Drink survey anyone?

Answer 1) Neither. I only like diet.2) Diet Coke would be my first choice, but both are good. 3) Sprite4) Sunkist6) Sierra Mist:)

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Anyone up for a short Food/Drink survey?

1) Hot Chocolate or Hot Apple Cider? Hot chocolate for sure! It is one of my favorite drinks but I rarely have it because I always get coffee in the morning. I like apple cider but I never pick it ... Read More »

Ready for another short Food/Drink Survey?

Good to see you again, Scooter :)1) Pumpernickel Bread2) Roast Chicken3) Chocolate Ice Cream4) Cheese Danish5) Grape Juice

Anyone up for a simple short Food/Drink survey?

1)Lemonade2)Turkey and cheese3)Garlic4)Cashews :)5)CHOCOLATE eclair pie6)Grape juice

Anyone up for a short Food/Drink True/False Survey?

1) You can eat a Salad without any salad Dressing Oil & Vinegar etc...True. I ate it like that for years before I started using balsamic vinaigrette. I don't like most salad dressing. 2) You like G... Read More »