Short Black Coffee: Does it induce a higher metabolism?

Answer caffiene is used in many energizing drinks, so I guess it induces higher metabolism. Here is a link of the caffiene effects;…Edit:Caffeine is among the mo... Read More »

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Does espresso coffee have a higher ph than regular coffee?

The pH of coffee depends on the type of bean that is used. There are several different types of coffee beans and espresso is just another type of bean. Due to the fact that not all beans will have ... Read More »

Does coffee speed up metabolism?

Unless it is removed through an artificial process, all coffee beans contain caffeine. As a stimulant, the caffeine in coffee can boost your energy level and help raise your metabolism, which is th... Read More »

Why is it that plain coffee is called"black coffee"when its not even black?

idk, but I think that it is just a term for it because it looks black to us when we brew it in our coffee pot and when we pour it into our cup and it turns brown when we add creamer to it, so in a ... Read More »

Does stronger tasting coffee necessarily have a higher concentration of caffeine?

The caffeine content will be higher in a lighter roast coffee. The reason is this: the longer amount of time the coffee beans are roasted, the more caffeine burns off of them. So the darker roast(b... Read More »