Shoreline Plants Used for Erosion Control?

Answer The Capitol Regional District's website recognizes several reasons why it is important for people to landscape along their shorelines. Native plants, those that grow naturally throughout the area, ... Read More »

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Georgia Erosion Control Plants?

If you own property that is on a hill, or near a stream or river, you probably worry about erosion control. Runoff from rain or flooding from streams and rivers can wash away valuable topsoil and d... Read More »

Virginia Plants for Erosion Control?

Native Virginia grasses and wildflowers can successfully control roadside erosion, according to Virginia Tech University researchers. You can use this same strategy on your property. Planting nativ... Read More »

Plants for Hillside Erosion Control in California?

The beauties of California stimulate ingenuity in residential building and landscaping. Hills have been regarded as challenges, not obstacles to the ever-increasing demand for more residential and ... Read More »

Plants to Help With Erosion Control on Slopes in Zone 5?

Gardening on a hillside or slope that often erodes after a rainfall is frustrating but also leads to loss of topsoil and can degrade water clarity and quality of streams and rivers. Even vegetating... Read More »