Shops That Sell Lost & Found Unclaimed Airline Items?

Answer Airlines are famous for bringing people together but infamous for separating them from their possessions. Airlines make a good faith effort to reunite lost luggage with its owner by searching the c... Read More »

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Can you sell items that you make from a craft book?

You can sell projects you make from a craft book if you have permission. Some book and pattern authors allow for items to be made from their patterns and list this permission in the front of the bo... Read More »

Is it legal for hotels to donate unclaimed items to charities?

Generally, the finder of unclaimed property can legally sell or donate items to charity after demonstrable due diligence in seeking out the property owner. All states in the U.S. have separate la... Read More »

Name four items that can always be found in your refrigerator?

Beer, 1% milk, bottled water, and deli-style mustard.

R&P: Can you name any songs that lost some meaning when you found out what they were really about?

Hey MJ :) Well, i think it'd be Tier by Rammstein…i found out Tier meant Animal, so i thought it was a song about a cruel person! lol an animal. Later i fo... Read More »