Shopping for a printer and do not know which is the best one to buy?

Answer I use photosmart 5514 and it never failed me yet ink is reliable as well! plus the fact that that HP printers have these long lasting ink and their cartridges are cheap.

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Which city is the best for shopping in Switzerland?

Zurich and Geneva are both equally good.BTW Switzerland does NOT use the Euro we have our own currency the Schweizer Franken or Swiss franc ( CHF )!

Which is the best online shopping for mobile phone?

Dear Parshuram, Dont worry, Flipcart.comebay.inmyntra.comThese are safe and 30 days replacement guarenty. So dont worry, order now.

What is the difference between Deskjet printer and Laserjet printer Which one is the best ?

Deskjet (Inkjet) printers use ink. Laserjet printers use toner. Inkjet printers are cheaper to buy and use, but aren't as good in terms of quality as laserjet. If you are just buying a printer for ... Read More »

I want to buy a printer for my home PC .which is the best'',economical printer?

Actually it depends on what kind of printer you want. There are 4 most popular choices:-Laser ( black and white )Laser ( coloured )Inkjet or Deskjet ( coloured )Inkjet or Deskjet ( black and white ... Read More »