Shopping for a new kettle! Do you have an awesome one?

Answer Bonus Answer: Because you're assuming that if a kettle is involved, there'll be pot, too?

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How to Turn Your Tea Kettle Into a Whistling Tea Kettle?

The whistle of a tea kettle is a simple reminder that your boiling water is ready to be removed from the stove. Most tea kettles come with a spout that whistles, but occasionally you may encounter ... Read More »

Anyone have any awesome freebie sites for baby stuff I have included some awesome ones I found!!!?

How to Simplify Your Shopping With Shopping List?

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What is a tar kettle?

A tar kettle is a machine used to melt asphalt for use in various construction projects. Tar kettles have been around for years, but earlier models emitted noxious fumes when the asphalt was melted... Read More »