Shocking/gross/uncommon facts about food. . .?

Answer people try to make their meat not appear like comes in slices and slabs and squares and sausage shapes...this is getting more and more over time, we don't want to feel like we are eating ... Read More »

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How to Read Nutrition Facts on Food Labels?

Healthy eating starts with knowing the facts about what you are putting in your mouth. Reading nutrition labels can help you make wise food choices; knowing how to read the "Nutrition Facts" on a f... Read More »

Facts About TTY?

TTY is the acronym for TeleTYpewriter, a device used with a standard telephone. Also known as a TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) and a Text Telephone, TTY is the most commonly used term... Read More »

3 Facts About the Sun?

The sun is at the center of the Earth's solar system. Scientific estimates place the age of this star around 4.6 billion years. The stellar classification of the sun is G2, which means it shares si... Read More »

Facts About a '55 Chevy?

Edward N. Cole designed the 1955 Chevrolet from scratch in May 1952 at General Motors' request. Chevrolet unveiled "the hot one" in late 1954 to accolades that enticed youthful buyers who demanded ... Read More »