Shipping label printers for ebay/paypal?

Answer You can print your own label without having to sign up. Most ebayers use their own labeling system.

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Help with Shipping Label Please?

The address has to be fully readable. Some clear tape is a problem and some isn't. If it is a single piece with no wrinkles I never had an issue using 3 inch wide or trimmed to overlay the label.

Where should you put a shipping label?

Place your shipping label on top of the package on a flat part of the package, rather than on a seam, a closure or on top of tape that you have used to seal the package, according to UPS.References... Read More »

How to print a return shipping label?

Save the pdf file to a thumbdrive, take it to the library or somewhere that allows public printing, a store with a picture print station, a friends computer that has a printer attached etc. The way... Read More »

How do I attach a UPS revised shipping label?

Make a New LabelMeasure the size of your revised shipping label. Make sure the revised shipping label completely covers the original label. Use a blank white sheet of paper like copy paper to cover... Read More »