Sheath Blight Tips?

Answer Sheath blight is among the major fungal diseases of rice in all the rice-growing regions around the world, causing light to heavy crop damages annually. Though the disease had not been so prevalent... Read More »

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How to Sheath a Tonfa?

A tonfa is a martial arts weapon native to the Okinawan islands in southern Japan. They were originally part of rice-grinding equipment dating from the 15th century, but the thick wood also makes a... Read More »

How to Protect the Myelin Sheath?

Myelin is a protective coating around all nerve cells. Myelin acts like a thin sheath around the axons of nerve cells, insulating electrical impulses. Without myelin, the human nervous system could... Read More »

How to Make a Concealable Sheath?

A concealable sheath allows the transport of knives and blades hidden against the body. Because the sheath will be close to the body, use materials that breath or mold against the warmth of the ski... Read More »

How to Make a Sheath for a Club?

The sheath is the holder of a weapon. It is used for close combat weapons only. The sheath you are about to learn how to make bumps into your leg a lot when you walk, so you might not want this ver... Read More »