Shaving question, ladies only please?

Answer I wouldn't waste my time shaving down there, honestly! Ahhhh...I hate the itch. I'm all for natural, as long as you are clean that's all that matters. You can always trim a bit with a scissors o... Read More »

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Question! (ladies answer only)?

Question about my period {LADIES ONLY!}?

Well... Im a christian so I would just pray about it thats the best advise I have... But if your not... well... I would just wait it out for a while... if you have cramps eat bannanas they are supp... Read More »

Ladies only please! ?

I totally pig out before my period, and when i'm on it.

Ladies only please....?

The obvious question is to ask him if he has been getting any exercise. If he hasn't, suggest taking a walk in the morning. Also, ask him if he drinks coffee and what time was the last hour that he... Read More »