Shaving question, ladies only please?

Answer I wouldn't waste my time shaving down there, honestly! Ahhhh...I hate the itch. I'm all for natural, as long as you are clean that's all that matters. You can always trim a bit with a scissors o... Read More »

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Ladies, at what age did you start shaving?

Shaving question...........?

smooooooooth. I think "designs" are weird. I don't like pubes at all, they make me feel physically sick :')I just use a normal woman's razor, or I use Veet (doesn't itch as much)

Awkward question about shaving..?

Just use a razor. Make sure it's a good brand, that you've used before like with your legs. Make sure you soap really good or you'll cut yourself. Also when you get underneath you might want to squ... Read More »

Shaving legs question?

i have the same problem. what i do, is i soak them in hot water for about twenty minutes. i use "skintimate" shaving cream, it comes in a pink container. i spread a thin layer over my legs and i us... Read More »