Shaving 'down there'?

Answer when u shave, leave hair onor take it all ofor make a heartit doesnt matter!!same with trimming, just cut it the level u like best.nair suxxxx. soo bad. i used it one my pits. i sat there for seven... Read More »

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I just started shaving "down there"?

instead of shaving, try trimming next time... irritation is normal... and for the period problem, try using a tampon....

Boys answer- shaving down there?

I personally prefer a trim...bare is too "anime"

I just cut myself while shaving down there help?

You put a bandaid near your anus? You're fine. It'll heal like everything else you cut while shaving, but do put antibiotic cream on it.

Okay Yesterday I Was Shaven & ' I Used Soap To Wash Down There & It Started To Burn When I Shaved Down There ?

Put some aloe on there and let the irritation heal up, don't use soap that will mess up your Ph levels bc that can cause irritation and yeast infections, which make you smell bad.It sounds to me li... Read More »