Shaving and Facial Acne?

Answer Facial acne makes shaving a difficult task. Men must shave carefully to avoid affected areas and prevent the acne from spreading. If you shave over skin with acne, you risk popping the pimple and s... Read More »

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About Shaving Facial Hair?

Shaving facial hair has come a long way over time. Native Americans as well as South American tribes used sharpened stones to shave and had specific styles for their tribes. Now shaving is the co... Read More »

Shaving Styles for Facial Hair?

While the clean-shaven face is classic and professional, men's facial hair can be shaved into many different shapes and the styles change with each generation. There are many variations of each bas... Read More »

Women With Facial Hair Shaving Vs. Waxing?

Many women experience facial hair growth and remove the hair through various methods. While waxing and shaving are both appropriate ways to remove unwanted body hair, shaving is not recommended for... Read More »

Acne caused by shaving?

Your pores are open after shaving. You may even experience a little bleeding from the abrasions caused by the razor. Well, if you are exposed to dust and dirt before the pores have time to close, y... Read More »