Shaved vs Hairy (pic)?

Answer Obviously you have to shave it now, but you should grow it out later! :)

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Do you like hairy men?

nope be yuorself and not what someone else wants you to be

What to do about hairy forehead?

Dont listen to Max..if u shave it, it will grow back faster, thicker, and darker. Use Wax strips that you can buy at places like cvs .. try to stay away from hair removal creams, cause those crea... Read More »

Help! I'm a very hairy woman?

If you're over 18 then they should be exploring the possibility of PCOS. You should be given a blood test (to check hormone levels) and a scan of your pelvis (to check for string of pearl cysts). I... Read More »

Facts About Hairy Men?

Our hair follicles are sensitive to androgens, a hormone that effects hair growth. For men, androgens determine masculine characteristics including body hair. During puberty, androgenic hair growth... Read More »