Shaved down there. for some reason it's really itchyy?

Answer Don't worry about this at all, it's totally normal after a close shave in a sensitive area. Even if it's not the first time you've shaved down there, there is a risk of hypersensitivity and irritat... Read More »

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Okay Yesterday I Was Shaven & ' I Used Soap To Wash Down There & It Started To Burn When I Shaved Down There ?

Put some aloe on there and let the irritation heal up, don't use soap that will mess up your Ph levels bc that can cause irritation and yeast infections, which make you smell bad.It sounds to me li... Read More »

Is there any good reason why you can't buy beer past 2:00 am in some states?

4 hours and you are sober enough to go to WORK(remember that activity)?

Is there some secret reason for having the revolving sign outside New Scotland Yard?

Yes it is supposed to be a closely guarded secret known only to a few insiders within the Met ....but seeing as you asked & as I am privvy to this secret, I shall tell you.The revolving sign is tec... Read More »

What are some really good songs about breaking down?

Keith Urban - Raining on Sunday, Stupid BoyLacs - Another Shot, Left of Me (if you're into the whole hick hop, but those two songs are very good because i myself have been in a similar situation an... Read More »