Sharp stomach pain right in the middle?

Answer Could be a gallbladder problem?…Could be many things, food poisoning, ruptured appendix, maybe even an ovarian cyst? It depends on how sharp it is and the ... Read More »

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Sharp stomach pain right in the middle..?

I honestly don't know what this is. But our body's are different.. If I were you, I would go check with a doctor as FAST as you can. My cousin had a sharp pain in his stomach too, and he had to get... Read More »

Sharp pain - right side of stomach?

Yes, it could be appendicitis.It could also be gallstones or kidney stones.See a physician ASAP.If it is appendicitis, it is urgent that it is attended to immediately.

Stomach sharp pain and releasing liquids?

It could be a stomach virus or a food borne illness. The best thing for now is to rest, drink plenty of clear fluids - water, ginger ale, broth- but no solid food for a day or so, and let this run... Read More »

Sharp pain in my stomach everytime I cough?

Sorry, but there isn't much to help this. Every time you cough notice how your stomach comes in then out repeatedly very fast. You said this has continued for 2 weeks. This is because of this motio... Read More »