Sharp stabbing pains.?

Answer I've experienced the same thing. It happened on and off for 2 months. I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with an injured rib. It wasn't that. So I never did anything about it and it went aw... Read More »

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Sharp stabbing pains on head?

Hello,NHS Direct has been set up to answer questions such as this.It is manned by professionals in the medical field,all you have to do is pick up the phone and pay for the cost of the call,you wil... Read More »

Why do I feel sharp stabbing pains on my lft side of my chest?

You didn't mention your age, but people don't realise that they're never too young to have heart and/or artery related problems. It's better to have it checked out to prevent damage (if any). Al... Read More »

Stabbing pains in my lung?

you have a tight muscle in your back that has been pulling on your shoulder blade for the pain you have had there. For some reason that muscle had to have spasmed up to press into the nerves going... Read More »

Why do i get heart pains like if something is stabbing it?

it is called heartburn- indigestion. Think back on what you were eating some hours before-fast food, soda, etc. You can try something from the drug store for heartburn and it shouldgo away in minut... Read More »