Sharp pain in my stomach everytime I cough?

Answer Sorry, but there isn't much to help this. Every time you cough notice how your stomach comes in then out repeatedly very fast. You said this has continued for 2 weeks. This is because of this motio... Read More »

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10 points! Everytime I throw up intentionally I get a sharp pain in my chest before passing out, why?

You are probably causing damage to your organs, and either the pain or possibly internal bleeding is causing you pass out. Go to the docters and get checked out, and oh STOP FORCING YOURSELF TO PUK... Read More »

Sharp stomach pain right in the middle?

Could be a gallbladder problem?…Could be many things, food poisoning, ruptured appendix, maybe even an ovarian cyst? It depends on how sharp it is and the ... Read More »

Stomach sharp pain and releasing liquids?

It could be a stomach virus or a food borne illness. The best thing for now is to rest, drink plenty of clear fluids - water, ginger ale, broth- but no solid food for a day or so, and let this run... Read More »

Sharp stomach pain right in the middle..?

I honestly don't know what this is. But our body's are different.. If I were you, I would go check with a doctor as FAST as you can. My cousin had a sharp pain in his stomach too, and he had to get... Read More »