Sharp pain in my heart, im only 15!!!! please help!!!?

Answer get lots of water rest or go to sleep

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Sharp pain between my eyes !!!! Please Help?

This is caused by allergy's, I had the same thing and went to an ear nose and throat Dr. and he prescribed medication and it relieved the pain immediately. It was a sinus infection.

I had seizure(sharp pain from the heart) is it due to asthma or is it the beginning of a heart attack?

Yes, it COULD and may be a sign of a potential heart attack or stroke. Note for any other bodily signs such as dizziness, blurred vision, impaired speech, etc. OR it may be a symptom called angina... Read More »

I am lying down and im having sharp pains in my chest/ heart area, inside when i breath. Help Please.?

I was diagnosed with costochondritis at first, but then they figured out that it is chronic myofascial pain (which is very similar to fibromyalgia). You probably have a trigger point (a knot in the... Read More »

Extreme heart pain! What to do PLEASE HELP..?

Please, please call an ambulance! There is frankly no BETTER reason to call an ambulance than the situation you describe. He needs to go to the hospital. If it's a matter of money, don't worry a... Read More »