Sharp pain from healing open wound?

Answer Doctor see him now that wound can get infected soon if not careful go to that doctor you may need more medical help.

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Why do we feel pain when we pour water on open wound?

This is mainly due to the mechanical irritation of the wound leading to deformation of the already damaged cells and production of more mediators irritating the sensitive nerve endings. I don't thi... Read More »

If you attend a casualty and they have removed the sharp object from the puncture wound should you?

no, put pressure on a clean dry dressing and keep it up - bleeding will stop

Wound healing and the use of stitches with systemic sclerosis...?

Scar control is only one reason for suture closure. It also helps with shortening healing time and with bleeding control. Having systemic sclerosis healing challenges would be an even better reas... Read More »

Best vitamin supplements for faster wound HEALING!!!!?