Shared Printer!?

Answer I'd go to network places on bothe computers and right click properties - I haven't had the nightmare of using Vista yet - but it must have something similar. then make sure all the boxes are checke... Read More »

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How do i use a shared printer?

Hi PatrickMake sure the printer is shared form the server or where the printer is actually connected to.Now, go to add printer, and when it asks you if the printer is local, network etc..., click o... Read More »

How do I add a shared printer in Windows XP?

Open Printer and Faxes ApplicationOpen your printer and faxes application. This is accessed by clicking on the "Start" menu in the lower left corner to open up the main menu. In the right side of t... Read More »

Connecting a laptop to a printer wirelessly on a shared university network?

wifi printers require the same password authorization as an computer when connecting to a wifi router.last time I was in a university situation, the network was wired and not wifi. you'd have to s... Read More »

How can I print to a shared printer on Windows XP from a Windows Vista computer.?

If you have set up you network correctly via your router, it should work. If one PC has the printer connected and the other network PC has no printer, the both PC, must have th sam printer driver, ... Read More »