Shampoos and Conditioners for Yeast Scalp Infections?

Answer Yeast scalp infections are common in both men and women. Anti-fungal treatment manufacturers Proctor and Gamble claim dandruff is the most prevalent yeast scalp infection, affecting roughly 50 perc... Read More »

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How to Mix Conditioners & Shampoos?

Mixing shampoo and conditioner may seem like a great way to save time, but the chemical make-ups of the two are not made for combination. Bottles that come pre-mixed are your best bet for successfu... Read More »

How to Make Shampoos & Conditioners?

Keeping your scalp clean and your hair nourished with a homemade shampoo will promote strong hair and encourage growth. Making a hair conditioner will protect hair from drying out and becoming brit... Read More »

Chemical Effects of Shampoos & Conditioners?

With the growing awareness of chemicals and their effects on the human body, everyday items, such as shampoos and conditioners, have come under scrutiny as potentially harmful. Shampoos and conditi... Read More »

Best drugstore shampoos and conditioners?

i really like mane n tail. if u want to invest in reallly high quality shampoos i'd recommend kerastate or smthng like that by loreal paris. but i also bed head products are the best.