Shampoo to Get Rid of Green Tint in Blonde Hair?

Answer Blonde hair can take on a green tint for a variety of reasons. If you swim often in chlorinated pools, your hair can take on a green tint. Swimming pools contain oxidized metals including copper.Th... Read More »

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How to Get Green Tint From Chlorine Out of Blonde Hair?

Blonde hair and chlorine are a bad combination. Blondes who swim regularly know this first hand. When chlorine builds up in your hair, you can find yourself with a head of green hair. There are som... Read More »

How to Remove Green Tint From Blonde Hair?

Chemicals found in chlorine do not only reside in swimming pools, but may also find their way into your tap water where they can turn your blonde hair an unattractive shade of green. There are man... Read More »

How to Get Gray Tint Out of Blonde Hair?

Finding that your naturally blonde hair has a gray tint to it is natural over time, but it is also easily reversible. Getting the gray tint out of your blonde hair is possible with a few methods at... Read More »

Help for Green Tint in Hair?

Green tint in hair is most commonly caused by chlorine which is found in swimming pool chemicals. However, green tint in hair can also be contributed to corrosion of your house pipes. "According to... Read More »