Shampoo With Zinc?

Answer Shampoos with zinc are essentially dandruff shampoos. The chemical ingredient is zinc pyrithione, and three popular brand names on the market are Head & Shoulders, Denorex, and Dermazinc. Dandruff ... Read More »

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How to Cure Acne With Zinc?

Acne has a variety of causes. While blocked pores, bacteria, dead skin and excessive oil are all contributing factors, other causes may be changes in hormonal levels or diet. Acne affects people in... Read More »

How to Treat Dandruff With Zinc Pyrithione Shampoos?

Dandruff is a common problem for people all over the country, but it is also one that is very easy to treat in most cases. There are homeopathic ways to treat dandruff like tea tree oil or even alo... Read More »

How to Make Cosmetics With Zinc Oxide Powder?

Zinc oxide, a chemical compound, serves as a whitener in cosmetic recipes. Sometimes referred to as Chinese white, it proves useful in paints, crafts, body products and even diaper rash creams and ... Read More »

Lip Balm Sunscreen for Lips With Zinc Oxide?

Lips can be vulnerable to sun damage and dehydration just like the rest of the body, especially when exposed to the sun on a long-term basis. While there are a wide variety of products available fo... Read More »