Shall I add her on Facebook?

Answer Yeah go ahead and add her !

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Shall i join facebook?

I Think You Should Join. It's Better If Your Mates Are On Too.It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Use Your Computer A Lot You Will Still Have Your Account And Everything, But You Will Probably Will Go O... Read More »

How shall I respond to a random facebook add and message?

Roll with it, if the response is crappy you can de friend their ***'s. If you keep getting randoms add you, no harm in burning through a few.They'll qualify to you instantly with something like "Oh... Read More »

Shall i pop or not?

Leave it alone. You should not pop a blister as this makes it very prone to getting infected.

Shall i get a lap top computer or not?

A good lap top every time you can do everything on it that you could on a desk top less space and portable