Shade Tolerant House Plants?

Answer House plants have their own challenges to overcome. Indoor environments are different than outdoor ones and often include things like a high degree of shade. However, there are some plants which ar... Read More »

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Shade Tolerant Flowers & Plants?

Finding flowers and plants that thrive in areas with little sunlight can be challenging. Yet, once you have some bright flowers in those shady areas, suddenly that dark corner is a feast for the ey... Read More »

Shade-Tolerant Flowering Plants?

Flowering shade plants are a great addition to a garden plot under trees or by tall items such as a fence or house. Shade plants can have rich texture and vibrant colors even though they are shield... Read More »

Drought Tolerant House Plants?

All houseplants require regular watering to thrive, even though overwatering is one of the most common causes of houseplant problems. Some plants, such as succulents, store water in their tissues a... Read More »

What kind of shade plants/flowers would like nice in front of a brick house?

hmm i cant tell u what kind of plant or flower, but make them bright =]pink,blue,yellow...those colors will make the outside of your house look nice =]