Shade-Loving Shrubs?

Answer Unlike flowers that require frequent watering and deadheading, shrubs provide a low-maintenance design element to your home landscaping. Before buying shrubs, be sure to observe the lighting patter... Read More »

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Shade-Loving Plants & Shrubs?

Gardeners often need to deal with varying degrees of shade when determining their planting arrangements. An area is considered shaded if it receives less than 6 hours of sunlight per day. This can ... Read More »

Water Loving Fruit Shrubs?

Landscaping in frequently wet or poorly drained soils can be a challenging task that considerably limits the selection of trees and shrubs that will thrive in the area. Finding shrubs that produce ... Read More »

A List of Acid-Loving Plants & Shrubs?

Acidic soil can occur naturally or as a result of factors in the environment such as construction, mining or farming. Soil pH can be strongly acidic, 4 to 5.5, to very slightly acidic, 6.5 to 7. S... Read More »

List of Shade-Loving Plants?

Though there are many plants that cannot tolerate shady conditions, there are also many plants that will thrive under shade. If there is a shaded part of your garden, it is important to choose plan... Read More »