Shade-Loving & Fine-Blade Lawn Grass?

Answer Most lawn grasses grow best in the sun, but a few types like shade throughout part or most of the day. Fine fescues tolerate more shade than other common turf grasses and have very fine grass blade... Read More »

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Shade-Loving Ornamental Grass?

Hundreds of varieties of ornamental grasses offer gardeners a wide variety of colors, heights and looks, and require little maintenance. These types of grasses grow well in poor conditions as compa... Read More »

Shade-Loving Shrubs?

Unlike flowers that require frequent watering and deadheading, shrubs provide a low-maintenance design element to your home landscaping. Before buying shrubs, be sure to observe the lighting patter... Read More »

Are There Any Barberry Plants That Are Shade Loving?

Barberry shrubs (Berberis spp.) grow in a variety of shapes, textures, colors and sizes. Some types are evergreen, and others are deciduous. Many have thorny branches or spined foliage. Barberries ... Read More »

Hardy, Shade-Loving Plants?

Hardy, shade-loving plants are often placed along walkways or shady areas within the garden. These plants do not need as much full sun as other flowering shrubs and plants. Shade-loving plants brig... Read More »