Shade-Loving & Fine-Blade Lawn Grass?

Answer Most lawn grasses grow best in the sun, but a few types like shade throughout part or most of the day. Fine fescues tolerate more shade than other common turf grasses and have very fine grass blade... Read More »

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Shade-Loving Ornamental Grass?

Hundreds of varieties of ornamental grasses offer gardeners a wide variety of colors, heights and looks, and require little maintenance. These types of grasses grow well in poor conditions as compa... Read More »

Shade-Loving Shrubs?

Unlike flowers that require frequent watering and deadheading, shrubs provide a low-maintenance design element to your home landscaping. Before buying shrubs, be sure to observe the lighting patter... Read More »

Water-Loving Shade Plants?

Many plants do best in full sun and an average amount of water. Some do much better, however, with minimal light and lots of water, and these plants need specific care in your backyard. Commonly kn... Read More »

Shade-Loving Plants & Shrubs?

Gardeners often need to deal with varying degrees of shade when determining their planting arrangements. An area is considered shaded if it receives less than 6 hours of sunlight per day. This can ... Read More »