Shaan gajar ka halwa mix?

Answer can you explain in 'English. Not many can understand hindustani

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How to Make Mango Halwa?

A delectable Indian sweet that relies on the sweet and perfumed flavour of mango.

How to Make Cabbage Halwa?

"Halwa" originally derived from Arabic, is used to describe many distinct types of sweet confection across India, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, and the Balkans.

How to Make Halwa Puri?

Halwa puri is a dish traditionally eaten for breakfast in South Asia. Learn how to cook it, and learn the etiquette for eating it as well!

How to Prepare Carrot Halwa?

Carrot halwa. One of the most famous Indian deserts.Though it has many versions. this is mainly the simplest and the most popular one. this is waterless and fat less way of cooking.