Sh itttttttt why do I always fall for that!?

Answer Bcuuz,:D, idk.This question only partly refer to Beer, Wine and Spirits. The main argument is how you always fell for "that".

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Why does my hand always fall asleep?

Why does the fruit on my lemon tree always fall off before it matures ?

Citrus normally shed large numbers of fruitlets shortly after blossoming in the spring and at early fruit set (pea size). However, it is also common for a sudden drop of small fruit (20 mm diameter... Read More »

What is the name of the bbc tv series that aired on wpix in new york in the mid 1970's that always had a mystery regarding a crime of passion?

It's called VCR and it's by a band called the XX. funny that, x marks the ballot box, the BBC are playing with our subconscious.

What was that programme in the 70s80s that was like Gentle Ben but the guy had a massive beard and was portly and always wore a checked shirt and I'm sure there was a bear?

I think that the TV series that you are referring to is The Adventures Of Grizzly Adams. You may or may not recall that several Made-For-TV Movies were spun-off from this TV series.