Sex without a condom?

Answer Get her to wear a diaphragm or something. I hate kids so I am super protective against having one of my own and wouldn't risk it.

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Can you become pregnate if you change the condom without wiping penis but the condom's didnt break?

Chances are minimal, however if some of the sperm came into contact with the outer cover of the condom there could be a chance.

Me my boyfriend had sex the first time he had a condom on he pulled out the second time the condom brokehe did ejaculated inside me. What are my chances of being pregnant I Ovulated the past few days?

Your chances are more favorable to be pregnant than not. Anytime you have sex, there is always a chance - with protection or without. oh gosh honey you can get pregnant anytime you do not have prot... Read More »

What really does a condom do?

it makes it so that his stuff can't get into your stuff. :)

Can someone still get HIV when using a condom?

No, it is highly unlikely. While some speculate that diseases can still be transmitted during sexual intercourse with a condom, this argument has been disproven by many studies. Oral sex does carry... Read More »