Sex on the beach, Buttery Nipp!e, Bare @$$, Blue Balls or Redsnapper?

Answer none of the above.... sorry.... but my favorite is.....washington apple!!!!crown royalsour apple puckercranberry juice.....mmmmmmmmmmmm

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How to Paint Beach Balls on Your Nails?

Summer is the BEST season of the year. This tutorial will feature step-by-step lesson on how to paint beach balls on your nails. REALLY cute!

How do you cure blue balls?

Take a cold shower, have sex, choke the chicken, or don't do what you did to get it in the first place

How to Make a Blue Balls Cocktail?

A delicious and refreshing cocktail for any occasion. A mixture of light rum, blue curacao, and a strong helping of raspberry syrup.

What is the game show called where you have to bounce off the big blue balls?

a killer penguin jumped in and ate all of the riders and the host