Sex hurts me now, what could it be?

Answer go to a doctor just to be safe

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My left side hurts! What could it be!?

You could have simply jarred yourself. Depending on how you fell, it could be anything from broken to a pulled muscle to a sprain. Alternate between an icepack and a hot washrag. It will make any s... Read More »

What could it mean if your left side hurts?

On One Hand: Serious CausesPain on the left side of the body may be caused by any of several serious conditions such as kidney stones, kidney infection or heart attack.On the Other: Common CausesPa... Read More »

I have a bad headache, earache, and throat hurts. What could it be What should i do?

It could be a virus infecting you, or you have allergies since its the spring.For your thoart i would suggest this simple home-made remedy. 1.) take 2 tsp of black seed(fennel flower seeds) and gri... Read More »

My stomach hurts so bad, could it just be gas?