Sewer Gas Smell After Taking a Shower?

Answer A sewer gas smell that is present only after taking a shower may indicate a problem with your drain or drain vent. One way to diagnose the problem is to eliminate potential sources of the odor by c... Read More »

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How to Smell Good Without Taking a Bath or Shower?

Are you getting ready for that special date but don't have time to take a shower or bath? Did your parents tell you to freshen up, but you are too lazy to take a bath or shower? Admit it, do you st... Read More »

Why would your house smell like sewer?

because if we are not provide u trap in drain line other wise battle value inside the trap

What Causes Gas Smell From the Sewer When It Rains?

When it rains you expect everything to smell fresh and clean since the rainwater has cleaned the air and the surrounding area. What people probably don't expect is the smell of a sewer, either out ... Read More »

Sewer Smell From Toilet?

A sewer smell in your house not only is offensive to the nose, but also it can put the occupants of the house or building in danger. Sewer gasses can be toxic to humans, especially since the fumes ... Read More »