Severe pains in my wrist and fingers, need help?

Answer This Is most likely carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress disorder. You will need to go to your doctor for and MRI Ct-scan to be sure. Good luck.

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Suffering from severe chest pains for a week now, doctors cant help can you?

Stuff pass the GP's and get yourself to A and E now. Say something like, it has got worse over the last hour or so, anything. You need to be seen and scanned. I have to say two things im... Read More »

PLEASE Help.. My 86 year old mother`s left hand and wrist just for no reason started getting very bad pains ?

In wish i can give a sure answer but i can't but I'm sending u the WeB MD website which many people say it's good when it comes to finding out information like this. I hope it helps & hope your mom... Read More »

I need to break my wrist! please help me!?

Uh, I don't think that's very healthy. But it does sound serious, so keep persisting and tell you parents everyday if it hurts. That might get them to take you. If not, try waiting until school sta... Read More »

Pains and wondering if................ PLEASE ANSWER i need help?

Ok, it def sounds as though you are in early labour sweet! Yay!You need to start timing your contractions from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next. If they are regular and are comin... Read More »