Severe pains in my wrist and fingers, need help?

Answer This Is most likely carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress disorder. You will need to go to your doctor for and MRI Ct-scan to be sure. Good luck.

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I have these severe abdomen pains :(?

the doctors don t care about your problem?how is it possible?even didn t they do any examination of your abdomen,even no any have been having this problem for two are already to... Read More »

What's causing me to have severe stomach pains?

Tight back muscles which often do tighten up during the night, can press into the nerves leaving the spine that go to the organs. Pressure on the nerves to your stomach will cause the stomach to r... Read More »

Severe stomach pains and nausea?

that sucks. im having a stomach ache right now. and im trying to find a way to make it stop. i feel bad for u. that sounds painful. and i know how u feel because my stomach hurts really bad right now.

If you're pregnant and experiencing severe pains should you go to the hospital?