Severe cramping, no blood?

Answer More than likely it is, and you need to see a doctor right away. Please, don't take this as some cop-out answer. I really couldn't diagnose you online because I'm not a physician and I'm sure most ... Read More »

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My period is almost three days late; severe cramping and discharge.?

You can take midol for the pain, but when you play sports sometimes it can make your period irregular, your diet can also change your cycle as well, just take it easy and it should come. The crampi... Read More »

I took 6400mg of Ibuprofen over 36 hours with no food & tiny bits of water. Could this cause severe cramping?

You should not be taking that much ibuprofen. You should never exceed a daily dosage of 3200mg of ibuprofen. In the future if your pain is that severe and lasting for a long period of time go to th... Read More »

Can a blood clot cause cramping or numbness in the foot?

A blood clot in the leg may cause pain, swelling, cramps or numbness in the affected leg and foot. These blood clots occur when the leg veins or arteries become blocked by a clump of coagulated blo... Read More »

At 8 weeks pregnanct went to the Emergency Room due to waking up and saw blood and some cramping occured although a heartbeat was detected of 168 bpm. Got any advice?

Answer Blood can be from the baby implanting in the uterus cramping can be the stretching of the muscles. Its very scary in the begining but you have to remember if your baby is healthy and normal... Read More »