Several pages print, one over another on same page.?

Answer What application are you using to print from & what is the make & model of your printer?Have you double checked to make sure the application you're using is setup correctly for the printer & page s... Read More »

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How to print two pages on one page?

u question is confessing, but may u can save each as gif or jpg, then re size them down so 2 will go on the same page, I could put all four on 1 page

How can I print two A5 size pages on one A4 page?

You may be able to set up your printer to print two pages per sheet and scale to fit if needed. I use an HP laser printer. When I am in a document and wish to print it, I can choose how many pages ... Read More »

How do i get word 2010 to decrease size of 2 pages to print on 1 page?

Well it obviously wont fit on one page but first go to pagelayout and make the margins smaller. Your words will be closer to the edge but you will be able to fit more words in. Also try changing th... Read More »

HELP! How do I get my printer to stop printing the same page over and over again 10 PTS BEST ANSWER!?

go to the bottom right of the screen and click on the miniature printer it might take a couple times to pop up so double click it then click on the page that keeps on printing and then press delete... Read More »