Seven Levels of Classification for Tasmanian Devil?

Answer The striking Tasmanian devil may be best-known as a hyperactive cartoon character, but the real flesh-and-blood animal represents the biggest living marsupial carnivore in its native Tasmania. The ... Read More »

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What Does the Tasmanian Devil Eat?

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What does a Tasmanian devil eat?

Tasmanian devils are carnivores that eat both fresh and rotting meat, including bones and fur. Favorites of the Tasmanian devil include wombats, wallaby, lizards and red fox. Because they are scave... Read More »

How to Draw the Tasmanian Devil?

The "Tasmanian Devil" was loosely based around the real life Tasmanian Devil, sporting similar characteristics such as a ravenous appetite and communication skills consisting mostly of growls and s... Read More »

What is the size of a tasmanian devil?

Tasmanian devils grow to about 30 inches (76 cm) and can weight as much as 26 pounds (12 kg). National Geographic notes that the Tasmanian devil, known scientifically as Sarcophilus harrisii, is th... Read More »