Seven Levels of Classification for Tasmanian Devil?

Answer The striking Tasmanian devil may be best-known as a hyperactive cartoon character, but the real flesh-and-blood animal represents the biggest living marsupial carnivore in its native Tasmania. The ... Read More »

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Seven Levels of Zebra Classification?

A zebra is a medium-sized animal with hooves, and this description can apply to many different kinds of animal. Due to this, a classification system has been developed to help separate different an... Read More »

Is the tasmanian devil endangered?

Tasmanian devils were listed as endangered in 2008, according to the National Geographic News website. The species has been decimated by devil facial tumor disease, a contagious form of cancer. Tum... Read More »

How to Draw the Tasmanian Devil?

The "Tasmanian Devil" was loosely based around the real life Tasmanian Devil, sporting similar characteristics such as a ravenous appetite and communication skills consisting mostly of growls and s... Read More »

How fast can a Tasmanian devil run?

The meat-eating, bad-tempered marsupial known as the Tasmanian devil can run as fast as 15.5 miles per hour on flat ground for over half a mile. On rough ground, they can run faster than an average... Read More »