Setting up internet on solaris 10?

Answer Wow. Solaris is not for a beginner! Good for you.This setup is a little involved for typing into this answer screen.If /etc/resolv.conf does not exist or is empty, check that your DHCP server is pr... Read More »

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Help with setting up Wireless Internet?

Before you can even think about this you need to download the router manual as they are all different. you need to know its' default admin password, its' IP address and how to reach the appropriate... Read More »

Help setting up wireless internet?

You will need a wireless card like this one,…But I hope you have access to network. Without access to a network the wireless card will be useless.

How to Change an Internet Modem Setting?

Changing the settings of an Internet modem can be accomplished by using native tools in the Windows operating system. The computer's Control Panel will allow users to make various configuration cha... Read More »

Setting up wireless internet in my dorm room!?

Ok. This is going to be a little tricky.First, go to Start - Run, type "cmd" without the brackets and hit enter. A command prompt window will appear. Over there type "ipconfig /all". Look for your ... Read More »