Setting google to be your main search engine for firefox?

Answer Type in about:config in your address bar, it will bring you to a page that says this might void your warrenty, click the button that says I'll be careful, I promise.First look for Read More »

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How Do I Add the Dogpile Search Engine to the Firefox Search Engine List?

Add Dogpile Search from Mozilla Search Engine DirectoryNavigate to the Mozilla search engine directory listing for Dogpile and click "Add to Firefox" to install the search engine into the Firefox s... Read More »

How can you take your name off Google search engine?

I do not think there is a way to remove them. You posted things to the web, thus your name became public domain.Why are you using your real name on yahoo answers and youtube?

POLL: Google VS Bing...... Which is your favourite search engine?

Google is a most popular search engine.Bing is going more usable.So it's a confusing question.Bing is going now better than google in quality, performances and things like showing page's some matte... Read More »

Is there a search engine that will search Google Book and Microsoft Live Book search at once?

Copernic Agent queries leading search engines to bring you back relevant, high quality results. Its intuitive user interface and search toolbar quickly allows you to make the most of the numerous i... Read More »