Settee Vs. Sofa?

Answer Despite their differences, sofas and settees share one important commonality; they're both used for seating. Depending upon your seating needs, a small space or a large space, and your preference f... Read More »

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What do you consider you have - a settee, a sofa or a couch?

I have a settee.I have always seen it like this:a settee is more than 2 seats - example:…a sofa is less than 2 seats: Read More »

How can you get a pen mark out of a leather settee?

Old wives tales are a major cause of most repairs that leather technicians go out to fix and hairspray and solvents are the most common. Taking notice of these untested/unproved old wives tales cou... Read More »

What is the difference between a modern sofa and a contemporary sofa?

Modern and contemporary furniture are two distinct styles, but for many, the terms are used interchangeably. Although there are certain similarities between the styles, it is important to recognize... Read More »

How do I clean/remove grime marks from my white leather settee?

Baby wipes contain ammonia - for goodness sake don't use that on your leather settee. Great if other people think it works...wonder if they'll still think that after a couple of years of it when t... Read More »